Colombian, Central American, Indonesian, African? Blended? Single origin? Light, medium or dark roast? Decaf? Floral, earthy, spicy or chocolatey?

When did buying coffee get so complicated?

ONE CUP keeps it simple. 

One house blend, made from carefully selected green beans, medium roasted, to produce a delicious and deeply satisfying everyday coffee experience. The perfect go-to coffee.

Grown at high altitudes this 100% Arabica blend is crisp and smooth with warming caramel and cocoa flavours.

Our beans are ethically sourced, which means we work with trusted suppliers who contribute towards creating a positive social and environmental impact on the smallholder farmer communities they work with.


A fresh Medium Roast

Rich and full bodied with hints of milk chocolate and citrus fruits


100% African from the moutain ranges along the Rift Valley and Great Lakes region.


All our coffees are ethically sourced and are traceable to farmer and co-op.


Perfect for any time of the day.

So where can you find One Cup Coffee?

You'll find One Cup Coffee across Cape Town at most Spar's, OK Minimark's and other large (and small) independent retailers.

Want your local grocer to stock One Cup Coffee?

Speak to your local store manager to stock One Cup Coffee and we'll offer them a very attractive deal to get started. They can contact us